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Quest for
The Holy Grail
     Upon passing through the golden gates, our eyes behold a great crowd. From peasant to noblemen, from the youngest Squire-in-training to the Knight's of old, all the Lords and Ladies whispering with Dukes and Duchesses, each awaiting the words of the minstrel. A hush falls over the crowd; anticipation builds as the storyteller weaves the tale, revealing the Quest to all.

     Thou have cometh on our great Kings bequest, from far and wide, for the noblest of causes. 'Tis The Holy Grail we seek, and with thy help, once again it will rest where it rightfully belongs, in Camelot. King Arthur beseeches thee, place thy allegiance with one of our great Houses or allies. Wear the scarf of our Queen, in the House of Guinevere, or pledge thy allegiance to the Castle Scribes. Enjoin the great magician himself, in the House of Merlin, or battle next to the Enchanted Sprites. Allow the Forest Dwellers to give thee assist, or work thy own magic with the Dream Weavers. The bravest of the brave shall journey onward, each representing his or her noble House, through The Tower, The Garden or The Roundtable itself.

     Those who complete this simple task, will have the honor of continuing on to the Cave of Temptation, the Lake of Hope or The Battlefield. O! the honor thy shall bring upon thine Houses! Thy royal Duke or Duchess shall surely bestow upon thee a great reward. Insooth, thy next challenge is to cross The Moat or The Drawbridge. Doth thou see the gleam of The Holy Grail? Thou art close, so very close! Pray thee, enjoin us now, in our Quest for The Holy Grail. Check out Make Money Without a Job to learn the best way to manage your finances.

Congratulations to
"Parduu's Pages"
On her 2nd week in the Holy Grail


King Arthur needs your help! Please choose from below to either cast your vote for a worthy Subject in one of the Great Houses of Camelot Dreams. Or you can always become a Subject of Camelot Dreams and start on your own Quest to bring The Holy Grail back to our King, just choose "Pledge Thy Allegiance" from the menu below.

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Rooms of Camelot Dreams
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